Most Popular Types of Dogs

- 2/05/2017

Most Popular Types of Dogs

Get to Know the Most Popular Types of Dogs
There are numerous types of dogs in the world. If you are planning to get one for your family, it is crucial that you know the best type that suits you best. There are dogs that might be suitable as home pets and there are also dogs that are good for outdoors, hunting, and do police work.
Knowing the best type of dog you need and the living conditions you have can make a difference for being a pet owner. There’s nothing better than a well-suited pair of master and dog. So, before you make your final choice, here the 3 most popular types of dogs today:
·      Companion Dogs
Companion dogs are the types of dogs that are often taken as house pets. These dogs are known for their good temperaments, making them great family pets. Majority of these dogs don’t serve any purpose aside from providing pleasure of their company. For several people, these dogs are enough.
·      Guard Dogs
Guard dogs aren’t only loyal, but also they are intelligent. They are very territorial, yet if they’re trained correctly, they could be house pets as well. Guard dogs are also wary of strangers, which is a good thing for many as they will ensure that your home is safe. Dogs that belong to this category are Schnauzers, Dalmatians, Pit Bulls, German Shepherd, and so on.
·      Sporting Dogs
Sporting dogs were bred to help men hunt birds by retrieving the birds from the bushes or water. Nature has conditioned them to retrieve and they also like fetching newspapers and balls. They also make good companions.
·      Terrier Dogs
Terriers are an original bred and determined bunch as either fighting breeds or vermin hunters. Vermin hunters are usually independent, lively, and do best on the leash when outdoors. Terriers may also be chewers or barkers if not trained properly and may sometimes get aggressive over toys and food. The fighter group, on the other hand, includes American Staffordshire Terrier and Bull Terrier, which can be good pets if properly socialized and trained, yet without training, they can be a danger not just to dog owners, but also to other animals.
·      Hunting Dogs
These hunting dogs must not be cooped up in apartments or homes. They require regular exercise and stimulation. If ever they become under stimulated, they become destructive or neurotic. However, they can also be great pets at home if trained well, yet owners must understand that these dogs have natural herding instincts and it must be curbed in its early years.

Those are just some of the types of dogs you can find today. As a dog owner or future pet owner, you have to take note of the differences of every dog. By knowing more about the traits and characteristics of dogs, you will be able to understand their behavior and you will be able to train them properly. When choosing the right type of dog for you, be mindful of your personal preferences or needs.

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